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#1 in Customer Satisfaction since 1989

For the past two decades, LA Photo Press has provided the martial arts industry with top quality photographic services and products at affordable prices. Since 1989, the company has endeavored--and succeeded--in building lasting relationships with many customers. Innovation is one of the core values in our business. We will continue to stand at the vanguard of technology in the world of photography.


Our Mission

LA Photo Press will serve the martial arts industry with top-quality photographic services and products at affordable prices. We will pursue both artistic innovation and technological advancements, maintaining a high degree of courtesy and integrity in our business relationships in order to remain at the forefront of our profession.

Our Customers

LA Photo Press photographs the students and instructors of martial arts school throughout Southern California and beyond. The majority of our customers are children training in the martial arts. Our photography provides a much-valued dramatic record these students as they progress in the development of their martial arts skills.

Our Photographers

All of the photographers at LA Photo Press have long been personally involved in the world of martial arts. Highly regarded for their creativity, specialized knowledge, professionalism and ability to work well with young people, many have developed lasting business relationships with the schools' owner-instructors as well as their students.

Our Los Angeles Studio

We bring our studio to your school


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