Signature Style Images

Rediscover "The Art of Photography"

Unsurpassed Image Quality: Unlike "Cut and Paste" graphic based photography, our exclusive classic effects are carefully composed and captured on a 12.3 megapixel super CCD SR sensor using old school photographic techniques. Since these images are created live in camera, you will view the final images immediately. These memorable photographic images come as standard poses. We will provide you with a new signature style and backdrop changes each year to enjoy different effects for years to come.


Lowest Package Price in the Martial Arts Industry:

Since there is no computer work involved in creating these digitized effects, we are able to guarantee the fastest turnaround time and lowest package price ($20 - $30) available anywhere. The advanced technology, the convenience---and, of course, the photographer's experienced, creative eye---is all standard in the reasonable price structure LA Photo Press has always afforded its customers. To ensure the highest level of reproduction, all images are printed on professional grade archival photographic paper by one of the foremost photo labs in the nation.


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